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Every detail is accounted for to meet safety and quality standards.

BCM Services is the link within the construction project, providing communication of the projects progress with all parties concerned (contractors, lenders, owners, etc.). You demand more, we give more. It’s that simple. Through careful and meticulous management, and our use of state of the art computer programming, BCM Services provides full voucher control, complete accounting, detailed inspections and professional management, all while working closely with Lenders, Owners, and Contractors to assure the integrity of project funds, that these funds are disbursed and recorded appropriately, and that proper lien releases (safeguarding against possible liens on the property) are secured in a timely manner.

We manage the following forms throughout the construction disbursement process:

  • Vouchers
  • Line Item Transfers
  • Progress Inspections
  • Change Orders Processing
  • Progress and Final Lien Releases
  • W-9’s required prior to first disbursement
  • Annual 1099 reporting for funds disbursed
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BCM Services helps you stay on track

Disbursements are made directly by BCM Services to sub-contractors and suppliers so as to assure proper and timely payments, as well as to avoid duplicate payments. These disbursements are based on actual progress made. Detailed on-site progress inspections are conducted by our highly qualified and professional staff, with each submission of a draw request so as to verify percentage of work complete. Additionally, confirming the adequacy of funds within the budget line items as well as the processing of change orders when needed. All parties to our contract receive a computer Job Cost report the week of their draw showing all monies being disbursed. Lenders receive inspection sheets along with computer narrative and photographic reports of the project’s progress.

Focused and efficient, BCM Services goes beyond the ordinary, working
hard for your peace of mind.

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