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BCM Services is experienced in all facets of business and litigation escrow services. We are licensed both as an Escrow Agency, and individually as Escrow Agents with the State of Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending. The industry of escrow services has recently become subject to intensive regulations and guidelines. These complex regulations have caused many companies to back away from business and litigation escrow services. However, at BCM Services, we are licensed, skilled and in full-compliance to legitimately handle your escrow service needs. We are experienced with securely managing funds for a wide range of business and litigation affairs.

Business Escrow Services

Business transactions can oftentimes be very intricate, with large sums of money changing hands in exchange for goods and services. BCM Services allows buyers to guarantee that funds are available while they verify that the product(s) they are purchasing meets stipulations. At the same time, sellers are able to see that the funds are in place before they release their product(s). If you need a reputable and experienced third party to securely hold funds in escrow, BCM Services is prepared to help.

BCM Services
Our Litigation Escrow Services ensure fairness

Litigation Escrow Services

Attorneys often find themselves involved with disputes and/or litigation matters that require funds to be held while an agreement is reached among the parties involved. These funds need to be placed in a secure, monitored account while the process is completed. It is difficult—and many times not advised—for lawyers to hold these funds themselves. If a settlement is offered, both parties need to have assurances that the terms of settlement agreed upon are fulfilled. This is where the litigation escrow services BCM Services offers can prove to be very valuable. We will hold the funds securely, releasing them only after all parts of the agreement are met. In some cases having BCM Services hold the appropriate funds in escrow shows good faith by both parties. We are a reliable, bonded and experienced third-party entity that can hold funds in escrow while a dispute is resolved.

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