Inspection Services

BCM Services believes constant communication is an integral part of our service, and so all parties are made aware of the progress of their projects throughout the process.

We offer detail-oriented progress inspections that can meet a range of requirements. Our experienced inspectors are professionally trained to perform the designated type of non-technical inspection you require.

At BCM Services, our inspections are most commonly used in the real estate, banking and insurance industries. With a licensed general contractor on staff, we can go directly to a jobsite in order to identify portions of work having been completed.

In relation to the Builders Control Services we offer, these progress inspections allow us to disperse funds without the uncertainty of whether or not the work in question has been completed. In short, our inspections provide peace of mind

BCM Services

General Inspections

General Inspections BCM Services Reno, Nevada

At BCM Services, we are are qualified to perform many different forms of inspections such as Progress Inspections, Construction Inspections, Insurance Claim Inspections, and more.

Whether it is to ensure a construction crew has started work on a designated jobsite or determining whether or not a tenant has vacated a property, BCM Services can complete general inspections timely and professionally.

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Focused and efficient, BCM Services goes beyond the ordinary, working hard for your peace of mind.