Choosing the right builder's control service can keep you moving forward with much less stress, time, and frustration!

Mitch Moody/Moody Weiske Construction-

“We have always found BCM Services to be very accurate, organized and professional. Over the course of many projects their delivery has always been seamless. As a contractor we have found that using a voucher/escrow service has many advantages for owners and contractors.

On most projects a builder control service is our preferred method of payment. BCM does all the legwork with the owner so we can build our project and not spend all of our time chasing down an owner for payment. We also like the assurance that BCM has secured the funding prior to our invoicing.”

To learn more about Moody Weiske Construction click on www.moodyweiske.com

Frank Lepori/ President Frank Lepori Construction-

“We enjoy working with BCM Services due to their strong principles that help us manage our business. In the construction industry integrity, paying attention to detail and predictable processes help our administration systems flow. The BCM Services staff provides accurate reports and they are user friendly.”

To learn more about  “Frank Lepori Construction” please call 1-775-337-2063 or click on the link www.leporiconstruction.com

Jem Lai-

Darrin Maddox was my builder’s control in my final phase of the construction of my south Tahoe house in 2009. It was most critical time in the entire construction process.

With close interaction with him and having many difficult issues to tackle and resolve, I have found him to be very honest, fair, and professional. I have never had any trouble communicating with him.

Thanks to his dedication and hard work, and smooth relationship with the owner and the builder, our house was completed to our satisfaction achieving a happy ending. He then filed the certificate of completion on our behalf, way beyond the call of duty.

I highly recommend him to any prospective owners who are contemplating building in the Reno-Tahoe area, in particular, for those who are far away.